High Class International Escort Agency.

We also have escorts in Turkey and escorts in Spain.


What are the requirements of an escort ?

Most of the time all that is required of an escort is, as its name suggests, to escort someone to an event, function, party or meal. Many clients are in the country on business and just don't want to be alone when they dine or go out in the evening.

How should an escort dress ?

You will always be expected to dress smartly however, this depends greatly on the client and the occasion that you will be participating as an escort. If it is a special occasion you will obviously be expected to wear a suit/evening dress.

Where do escorts usually meet their clients ?

This obviously depends on where the client will be and they will usually discuss with you directly where best to meet before the actual appointment. Should you meet a client in a town/city other than your own you will again discuss and negotiate directly with the client any costs incurred by yourself before the actual appointment.

When do escorts receive payment ?

As we do not take commission fees we are not involved with or responsible for escorts payments. Once we receive a booking for you we will put you in direct contact with the client for you to make your own payment arrangements.

If the same client asks for an escort on a regular basis is this to be considered a relationship ?

No as you are working through a professional agency seeing the same client regularly does not mean that you are in a relationship. This shows only that your client enjoys your company and is happy being with you.

Why is the Eskort Agency membership fee so cheap and how do you profit ?

We believe we can make a better business for Eskort Agency and our escorts/clients by attracting more people for little money rather than few people for a lot of money. Our profit is made by being an 'internet' based company and by using e-mails instead of incurring costs by making telephone calls.

Why does there need to be a membership fee ?

Eskort Agency has advertising and administration costs and although we can keep the costs down by being an 'internet' based company there is still a cost but more importantly we are a business and we must make some money, even if it is only a little :).

Why can’t we pay the membership fee after the first booking ?

We are the only escort agency, that we know of, that does not charge commission/booking fees on ANY bookings made. We only charge a membership fee therefore to enable us to continue working without charging our escorts/clients commission fees we require payment of the membership fee.

Why are MOST of your escorts from the United Kingdom ?

Eskort Agency was first started in the United Kingdom and because of its great success quickly became an international agency. We expect soon to have just as many Turkish members.